Item Name Titanium Aluminum Sputtering Target
Atomic ratio 50/50, 70/30, 80/20, 90/10
Shape Square/Round, According to your request
Specifications Φ(40-180mm)*L, δ(4-25mm)*200*L
The average density(TiAl 50/50)is 3.8g/cm³             The avarage density(TiAl 80/20)is 4.1g/cm³               -1at.%˂Ti element fluctuation˂1at.%                          Genergally measured in each batch at around0.05%
Customization is available
Certificates ISO9001:2008, SGS, The third test report
Technics Vacuum Melting, Patented thermo-mechanical process
Application Widely used in coating processing industries
A:  Primary used in tools coating
B:  Non-corrosion Valve/Chemical Plants
C: Marine Industrials
Formula Name Purity Formula Name Purity
Al Aluminum Target 5N-5N5 Nb Niobium Target 3N5-4N
B Boron Target 3N Ni Nickel Target 3N5-5N
Bi Bismuth Target 4N-5N NiCr Nickel Chromium 3N 3N5
Ca Calcium Target 2N5 Pb Plumbum Target 5N
Cd Cadmium Target 4N Sb Antimony Target 4N
Co Cobalt Target 3N5 Se Selenium Target 4N
Cr Chromium Target 2N5-3N5 Si Silicon Target 5N
CrAl Chromium Aluminum 3N Sn Tin Target 4N
Cu Copper Target 4N-6N Ta Tantalum Target 3N5-4N
Fe Iron Target 3N5 Te Tellurium Target 4N
Ge Germanium Target 5N Ti Titanium Target 2N5-5N
Hf Hafnium Target 3N5 TiAl Titanium Aluminum 3N
In Indium Target 4N5 V Vanadium Target 3N
Li Lithium Target 3N W Tungsten Target 3N5-5N
Mg Magnesium Target 3N5-4N WTi Tungsten Titanium 3N-4N
Mn Manganese Target 3N Zn Zinc Target 4N5
Mo Molybdenum Target 3N5-4N Zr Zirconium Target 2N5-3N5

Name:Titanium target block
Grade:Gr.1 Gr.2
SpecificationsCommonly used Φ100*40mm, Φ98*40mm, Φ98*45mm, other specifications can be customized.
Process:forging, car light, chamfering accuracy, no cracks, cracks, etc.
Features:high purity, less impurity content, stable performance.

NameTitanium Tube Target, Titanium Target Plate, Metal Chromium Target Cr99.9%
Specifications:Φ(40-180)*Lmm, δ(4-25)*200*Lmm
Relative Density˃99
Cut surface flatness:3.2Ra

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