Titanium coiled Spring for bicycle rear shock

  • Excellent Features
  • Low density,High specific strength,excellent corrosion resistance,Rustless.
  • Better Anti-fatigue performance, Good heat treatment performance,Lower Elastic modulus.
  • Higher strength-to-weight ratic,Higher Elastic Limit,Higher Fatigue limit,Higher impact toughness and  Higher resonant frequency.

Mechanical Property of Titanium Grade 5

Tensile strength

895 ~965

Yield strength




Reduction of area




Because of these excellent features of titanium,the titanium springs can be made less coils,lower weight,Smaller Volume than the steel springs.

Though Ti 15333,Ti 38644 and Timetal LCB will be much better than Grade 5 titanium,but because of their higher price,they are not very popular.

Because of the Price Quality of Grade 5,It is very popular for titanium springs.

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