Hafnium Bar

Application of Hafnium

1.Electronic materials
Because hafnium easily emits electrons, it can be used as cathode for X ray tubes.
Hafnium and tungsten or molybdenum alloys are also used as electrodes for high voltage discharge tubes.

2.Atomic energy industry
Hafnium has excellent welding properties,high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance,it has become an important material in the atomic energy industry.
The thermal neutron capture cross section of hafnium is large. It is an ideal neutron absorber and can be used as control rod and protection device for atomic reactors.

3.Field of Chemistry
Hafnium can be used as a suction agent for many inflatable systems. Hafnium getter can remove oxygen and nitrogen in the system without gas.
Hafnium is highly resistant to volatilization. It is often used as an additive for hydraulic fluids to prevent volatilization of hydraulic fluids during high risk operations.

4.Alloy material

Hafnium has the properties of ductility, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance. It is also a good alloy material and has been applied to many kinds of alloys.

Element Hf+Zr Al Ti Cr Cu
Max(ppm) >99.95% 10 10 10 5
Element Fe Mo Si Nb Ni
Max(ppm) 100 10 15 5 10
Element Sn Ta U V W
Max(ppm) 5 5 1 5 5
Element C H O N Zr
Max(ppm) 50 20 200 50 1.50%

Standards: ASTM B737-10

Application areas:Nuclear reactor control rods

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