titanium alloy ball

Titanium metal With very few exceptions the crystalline structure of all metals is in the form of a cube, but Titanium has a very usual Hexagonal Close Pack structure. One of the effects of this unusual structure is that Titanium can be electro mechanically processed to yield a satin finished ball with almost perfect sphericity and size that has exceptional optical properties. Although the surfaces of the satin finished Titanium ball will reflect a fair amount of visible light (about 17%) there is absolutely no spectral reflectivity. The surface is not shiny or glossy. There are no hot spots of high intensity light. This unusual property makes satin finished Titanium balls perfect archival targets for calibrating optical measuring equipment of all kinds. These same properties allow the production of nearly perfect flat test artifacts without any spackle.

Product Name 
Titanium balls 
The strength to weight ratio for Titanium is very high. It weighs only 60% of steel. This means it is 40% lighter than steel.
Titanium is a very strong metal. The hardness measurement is 36 HRC, and the tensile strength yield is 128,000 PSI.

Titanium balls are widely used in chemical industry equipment accessories aircraft, medical, industrial and jewelry industries.

TITANIUM 6AL4V BALL or, 6AL4V-ELI, and CP-1 ( Commercially Pure ) are very human body or bio compatible. Basically what this means is that the human body does not reject these materials. This metal is widely used in the medical industry. Because of this bio-compatibility, it is used in many medical implants.
Plastic bag+carton box for titanium balls

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