Is your company a trader or a factory?
Energyti is a specialized manufacture of titanium stamping products, titanium machining products,titanium forging products, and trade of titanium and titanium alloy materials
Where is your company?May I come for a visit?
We are located in yongqing industrial park, weibin district, baoji city, shaanxi province, China.welcome your visit.
Does your company provide after-sales service? What kind of after-sales service do you provide?
We will carefully check the goods according to the requirements of the contract before shipment, and then deliver the goods and provide the material inspection report of the third party.
If you receive the goods and find any quality problems, please contact us immediately and provide the certificate.
We will re-deliver the goods within the validity of the contract.Of course we will avoid such things.Of course, we will avoid this kind of thing.
How soon can I receive your reply?

Reply within 24 hours of working day.

What's your business hour?

Our business hours from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.Monday to Saturday

Does your product support third-party testing, such as SGS?

Each batch of our products has a material inspection report issued by northwest institute of nonferrous metals. If you have special testing needs, we can find relevant testing units to send samples for testing.

How to manage product quality control

Our products are selected from materials from well-known manufacturers and have original test reports. Each procedure is strictly made according to the contract drawing.The finished product needs strict inspection before delivery

Do you support customization?Can I put my logo on the product?

We mainly provide OEM for customers,We will sign a non-disclosure agreement before production.Customer’s mould will be strictly confidential.General mold products can laser logo for you.

What is the package of the product?

Different packaging will be used according to the goods, but each product will have a separate packaging protection, so as not to damage the surface during transportation.

What is the minimum order quantity?

titanium fastener MOQ is 200PCS,Titanium stamping products MOQ 500pcs,There is no quantity requirement for other titanium products

How much is the proofing fee?How soon will the sample come out?

Sample costs vary for different products,We will provide free samples as much as possible, but you need to bear the freight.

What is delivery?

Sample order cost 3~7days and container orders are about 15 workings days.